STS Apprentice Program: Unlock Your Potential

The goal of the Simple Technology Solutions Apprenticeship program is two-fold, create a challenging and rewarding career for you while creating a pool of qualified personnel to staff our federal contract positions. Our program brings together education, mentoring, client focused hands-on learning and the possibility of full-time employment upon successful completion of the program.

This month, we would like to introduce you to Michaela Scott, a current apprentice and full-time Data Analyst.


Morgan State University | May 2018 

BS Information Science and Systems

What is your current Company and Title? PT or FT?

I currently work for the Transportation Security Administration as a full-time Data Analyst.

Why did you apply to the STS Apprentice Program?

I found out about STS through a family member who worked with the company.

Why did you apply to the STS Apprentice Program?

I applied to the STS apprentice program because I wanted to further my knowledge and expertise in cloud computing. STS could provide me with the mentorship and skills I would need to excel in the demanding and evolving field of  technology.

What skills have you learned during the STS Apprenticeship?

During the STS Apprenticeship I have gained extensive experience manipulating AWS cloud resources to reduce latency, cost, and increase productivity.  I have also learned multiple coding languages, including python and SQL.

In addition, I have polished my speaking skills, improved my email correspondence efficiency and learned all about the art of networking.

How has the apprenticeship benefitted you and your career?

This opportunity has changed my life drastically. Originally I was a college graduate with few job leads and little direction toward my career goals. Now, I am employed full time as a government contractor doing what I love, learning new concepts, and mostly, being able to provide for my family. Thanks STS!

 What should future applicants expect from the program?

Future applicants should expect to learn a vast amount of information pertaining to the cloud and various platforms that provide cloud based architecture, including: Amazon Web Based Services, GCP, and Azure. They should also expect to learn multiple coding languages, including python and SQL. If you’re eager and willing to learn and grow, I highly recommend this program.

Give one piece of advice to those just starting out in their career…

Never give up, keep moving forward, don’t compare your journey with someone else, and learn as much as you can. Be confident in your decision making and prove that you are a thought leader in your field. My last piece of advice: practice good time management and prioritize your responsibilities.  

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