The goal of the Simple Technology Solutions Apprenticeship program is two-fold; create a challenging and rewarding career for you while creating a pool of qualified personnel to staff our federal contract positions.

Our Mission

Our Approach. Unlock Your Full Potential. 

Learning in Action

Why We Do It

Our Apprenticeship Program is central to our mission. Often, our applicants are enrolled in school or have a degree but haven’t had the opportunity to apply their skillset. We built an apprenticeship program to mentor, coach and train eager and motivated candidates. Our goal? To train competent and knowledgeable cloud engineers who are fully prepared to meet and exceed the demands of the industry.

Apprentice Success Stories

The program is challenging and requires an investment of commitment, determination and just plain hard work. I am so proud of my job title: Cloud Engineer at STS. And guess what? I’m still learning! The STS Apprentice Program has been a critical part of my career development and the long term value of the program is immeasurable.


Cloud Engineer, Simple Technology Solutions

This opportunity has changed my life drastically. Originally I was a college graduate with few job leads and little direction toward my career goals. Now, I am employed full time as a government contractor doing what I love, learning new concepts, and mostly, being able to provide for my family. Thanks STS!


Cloud Engineer, Simple Technology Solutions

Develop your Career in Tech!

COVID-19 Message

As we all adapt to a “new normal” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Simple Technology Solutions (STS) is here as your trusted federal information technology (IT) partner. STS leadership has more than 50 years of combined experience and have served various law enforcement agencies that protect our safety and well-being. Now, as we navigate uncharted water together, we want to bring that same peace of mind to you. While we adapt to new challenges like working from home, STS is here to help as we keep your safety and that of our team top of mind. Our company platform was designed with telework in mind and enables a 100% remote workforce. In the coming weeks (and maybe months) we must all rely on a foundation of understanding and flexibility. Communication is key and in these uncertain times let’s work closely and collaboratively to overcome the challenges ahead.