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Supporting a large U.S. Government Agency with the setup of Cloud Services that included a full range of capabilities.


December 4, 2017
Simple Technology Solutions


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A large U.S. Government Agency was experiencing challenges with the overall set up, functioning and updating of their cloud architecture. They were searching for a platform that could support both a comprehensive business intelligence and analytics that could also deliver a full range of capabilities to support high workloads and complex deployments. In parallel, they wanted the platform to simultaneously offer real-time data and timely insight to users across the enterprise. They also needed a platform to meet their requirements for security and the protection of their data.


Simple Technology Solutions conducted a formal assessment and analysis of the current processes of the agency including their overall need and the organizations’ goals. Through the analysis, Simple Technology Solutions identified that the agency required a unique platform that would enable easier installations, easier maintenance and updates, allow for the ability to run reports in real-time to uncover of new insights to make faster and more informed decisions, deliver high quality analytics, and support end user needs as well as management needs.


Simple Technology Solutions determined the best method for addressing the cloud architecture needs of the agency was to identify and setup a platform that could be streamlined without the need for the agency to stand-up their own infrastructure. Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11G and 12C in the cloud was identified as the best solution for their needs. The team worked to quickly setup the platform which included custom development work, architecture analysis, security analysis, testing, and implementation as well as the preparation to introduce new tools to further help streamline the process in the future such as Chef.


By implementing this solution with 11G and 12C, installations and updates will be automated and handled on cloud-based servers to ensure patching is executed correctly. Through the use of automation and streamlining, the agency can launch applications, conduct testing, run updates, and more across the entire organization via the click of a few buttons. Simple Technology Solutions configured OBIEE 11G and 12C to codify the entire process which enabled the offering of a reusable solution and limited installs to multiple locations.

Simple Technology Solutions expertise paired with Oracle technology allowed a successful collaboration to implement cloud services for a large U.S. Government Agency that supported protection of data as well as security.

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