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Databricks provides a Unified Analytics Platform that accelerates innovation by unifying data science, engineering and business.

Databricks offers an interactive workspace for all stakeholders, so you can build data pipelines, train and productionize machine learning models, and share insights to the business all from the same environment.

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Enterprises are accumulating massive quantities of data, but the big data analysis process in itself brings many barriers, ranging from infrastructure management needs to provisioning bottlenecks to high costs of acquisition and management. Databricks is designed to remove all these hurdles. Simplify big data and AI with a unified analytics platform.

What Is Databricks?

Enterprises are dealing with a wider variety of data at a much larger scale today, coming in at ever faster rates. In addition to the data found in their existing database management systems (DBMS) and enterprise data warehouses (EDW), enterprises need to make sense of the massive volume of semi-structured data such as sensor data, clickstreams, and logs residing in other data stores. For traditional data warehousing, this requires data teams to constantly build multiple costly and time-consuming extract – transform – load (ETL) pipelines to ultimately derive business insights.

Databricks provides a fast, simple, and scalable way to augment your existing data warehousing strategy
by combining pluggable support for common data sources and the ability to dynamically scale nodes and clusters on-demand. Additionally, Databricks has built-in SSD caching to complement Apache® Spark’sTM native in-memory caching to provide optimal flexibility and performance. This enables organizations to read data on- the-fly from the original data source and perform “just-in-time” queries on data wherever it resides rather than investing in complicated and costly ETL pipelines.

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As we all adapt to a “new normal” in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Simple Technology Solutions (STS) is here as your trusted federal information technology (IT) partner. STS leadership has more than 50 years of combined experience and have served various law enforcement agencies that protect our safety and well-being. Now, as we navigate uncharted water together, we want to bring that same peace of mind to you. While we adapt to new challenges like working from home, STS is here to help as we keep your safety and that of our team top of mind. Our company platform was designed with telework in mind and enables a 100% remote workforce. In the coming weeks (and maybe months) we must all rely on a foundation of understanding and flexibility. Communication is key and in these uncertain times let’s work closely and collaboratively to overcome the challenges ahead.