David Alaga

The apprentice program was a great way for me transition back into the work force. I found it challenging for employers or hiring agencies to hire someone that has left the IT workforce for an extended period of time to pursue an Entrepreneur path. STS embraced my love of entrepreneurship and offered me a chance to step back into the workforce at the same time. At the Christmas Luncheon, I heard Adrian and Aaton talked about the vision that they had for the company and for their employees and Interns. The passion and excitement they had made me realize that this was not only the program for me… but a company I can be happy to work for.

I enjoyed how the program keeps evolving and ensuring that the Interns were keep up to date on what is relevant with the job market and the goals within STS.

I am currently the lead for a Data Migration project with USCIS. The project is a modernization project to update a Mainframe database to Oracle 12c using AWS. I get to work with the latest software tools and technologies. All this was possible since I was an Intern with STS.

I would say be patience and apply yourself. STS will do all it can to make one successful but you will have to be willing to meet them half way. You will be successful with this program. Just apply yourself.

Very Respectfully,

David Alaga


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December 6, 2017