Tiara Brawner

Simple Technology Solutions (STS) is an exceptional organization, which has provided me with the opportunity and platform to gain in-depth insight and experience in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Its 12 week “boot-camp” is easy to follow and flexible, offering self-study material guaranteed to cover an extensive, yet manageable amount of information for all 3 associate level AWS courses. What follows is the result of commitment and diligence, a well deserved certification and the ability to land a job opportunity on a current contract via STS, but only the strong survive.

The greatest benefit of STS is its all around investment in seeing its apprentices rise to the occasion as Cloud Gurus, alongside the opportunity to earn while you learn! With the knowledge acquired, I am prepared to sit for the exam and finish strong by earning my AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification. I extend my gratitude to STS for introducing me to cloud computing and jump-starting my career in this realm of IT!

Kindest regards,
Tiara Brawner


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December 6, 2017