On September 19th, 2018 over 160 senior residents from the Arthur Cappers Senior Public Housing Building were displaced by a four-alarm fire that destroyed the entire building and all of their belongings. Thankfully, all of the seniors were safely removed from the building, but a lifetime of memories were unsalvageable. Along with their basic necessities, many lost irreplaceable items such as: family heirlooms, wedding rings, service burial flags, photos of parents and children, identification, birth certificates, marriage licenses, diplomas, or a secret family recipe. The impact of the tragedy was devastating but we are grateful to be a part of a proactive and philanthropic community who can offer assistance to our neighbors in need.  

STS partnered with Seabury Resources for Aging (www.seaburyresources.org) to assist twelve of the seniors who are in the process rebuilding their lives. Seabury Resources for Aging and Episcopal Senior Ministries have been providing critical support services to our elders in the Washington area for over 93 years.

Through the generous giving of our employees and various social networks, STS hosted our new friends for an afternoon of gifts, food and fellowship. We had a wonderful time eating, chatting, laughing and singing Christmas carols. “STS had a lively and lovely afternoon meeting such a delightful and enchanting group of people. With spirits high, we relished in their storytelling and left inspired by their unwavering resilience and grace,” said Pamela Meade, Director, Professional Development and Apprenticeship at Simple Technology Solutions, Inc.

About #SimpleCARES

The holiday season represents at a time of joy and celebration. It’s a time when we practice our faith through celebrations and when we cherish time spent with family and friends. But for people who are suffering from emotional and financial hardships, it can be very hard to share in the celebration. #SimpleCARES seeks to offer support to people in the communities where we live and work who are experiencing difficulties. For more information and involvement inquiries, please email info@keepitsts.com.

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