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I have been a software engineer my entire career, specializing in systems integration of networked applications. Recently, my career reached a crossroads where I had to make a decision on how to elevate my craft. Working exclusively on low-level system details was impractical given the massive changes happening in the cloud.

I was fortunate in meeting one of the principals of STS, Aaron K., who strongly advocated for cloud computing via AWS. Aaron introduced me into the STS program for cloud certification under the guidance of Pamela Meade.

I had worked semi-formally with AWS for years, using their apis for Route 53, S3 and EC2;
Semi-formally in the sense that I took an ad-hoc approach based solely on their API documentation.

The STS program broadened my exposure to the wider palette of AWS tools like ElastiCache, CloudFront and the VPC. The STS program also introduced a structured learning path, with readings, labs, tests and quizzes.

My favorite aspect of the program was that the certification path was given first-class status at STS, with strong support from the executive team. There were periodic check- ins on the participants, providing a genuine emphasis on everyone’s success.

I recently got my Developer’s Associate certification. This certification is one method of instilling confidence in clients and teammates. My peers can feel assured that I have been trained and tested on the core aspects of AWS. Through the STS certification program, I definitely have a broadened perspective on the value of cloud computing and AWS.