Wanda Scott was invited to present at the Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent Speaker Series on November 27, 2018. Wanda discussed her role in tech, the evolution of her career and offered sound advice for professionals in leadership roles regarding diversity.


With a passion for the Tech industry, Wanda reinvented herself several times moving from being network engineer to teaching tech as a College Professor. Through these experiences, Wanda posited that leaders need to be adaptive and prepare for change. EQ adaptability and cultural fluency are crucial for developing a diversified mindset.

Referencing her book, RESILIENCE: Finding Your Power Within, Wanda Scott stated “It is crucial in our diversity training that we understand that we can’t change what the limbic system has stored, but through the neocortex we can open up new experiences that will register new memories, and change understanding so that new value judgments can be made to form positive experiences around cultures and different ethnicities.”

She continued, “You are powerful in your knowledge and competency! Always remember that your performance, and the ability to get the job done will speak louder than your words and change perceptions.”

AWS re:Invent is an annual conference focused on Amazon Cloud technology. We Power Tech is the diversity and inclusion division of Amazon Web Services. Throughout the conference We Power Tech delivered content around understanding the challenges and necessity associated with diversity in the Tech industry.  This particular session looked at the fact that diversity in technology often starts with a focus on women.

How do we prioritize the inclusion of women from all communities (race, gender identity, ability status, and other underrepresented and intersectional communities) on technical teams? What can leaders do—from cultivating the pipeline, to hiring, to developing internal strategies—to make the future of tech more diverse and inclusive? Hear from successful executive technical leaders as they explore their journeys through the industry. Leave with solutions on how to prioritize inclusion and drive results.

To learn more about the speaker series, please view the presentation and slidedeck.